Boost Installation Instructions for Visual Studio 2015

The instructions mainly follow the Boost's official guide for Windows. The current version of Boost (as of Jan 22, 17) is 1.63.0.

1. Get Boost

2. Run bootstrap.bat

3. Build Boost using b2

Under the previous command prompt, run a command "b2 install". The default installation directory is C:\Boost.
Remark: If you want to choose the directory of your choice, run "b2 install --prefix=PREFIX" where PREFIX indicates the path you want to install the Boost. For example, " b2 install --prefix="C:\MyBoost64\" ". For this example I use the default command.
(Note that it might takes a while for this step)
Now you have successfully installed the Boost!
Under the Boost folder you will see two subfolders namely "include" and "lib".
The final step is to include the Boost library in Visual Studio's C++ project.

4. Include Boost library in Visual Studio's C++ Project

Open a C++ project, choose "Project > Properties". Now, you need to add two things, the include path and the library path for Boost.
  1. Add "BOOSTPATH\include\boost-1_63" to "C/C++ > Additional Include Directories"
  2. Add "BOOSTPATH\lib" to "Linker > Additional Library Directories"